General Information

Fishing & hunting packages to Northern Quebec, Canada
The 8 days/7nights package at Pyramid Mountain Camp includes:

  • Return trip from Montreal
  • Return trip from Kuujjuaq – Pyramid Camp($800.00 value)
  • Accommodations & meals at camp
  • Experienced guides(1 guide per 2 – 3 guests)
  • Boats, motors, fuel and oil for the week.
  • Mattresses, pillows, towels etc.
  • Fly fishing instruction


Not included

  • Satellite telephone charges
  • Fishing & hunting licenses & fees(licenses available at camp)
  • Overnight accommodations in Montreal & Kuujjuaq

Note: Guests will usually fly in and out of Kuujjuaq the same day they arrive or leave camp.

Guests must bring…

  • Sleeping bag
  • Fishing or hunting gear
  • Warm fall type clothing
  • Rain gear and waterproof boots
  • Personal items
  • Alcohol or tobacco if desired
  • Fly repellent
  • Waders are not a must but can be used to advantage
  • Lightweight coolers for transportation of fish/game

Guests are requested to limit their gear to 80 lbs. (35 kg). Extra flights required for excess baggage will be charged to customers.

Average temperatures in our region:

July – August + 50 – 75 Fahrenheit (10 - 25 Celsius)
September + 35 – 60 Fahrenheit ( 5 – 15 Celsius)

Fishing calendar:

June 30 – August 15th Spin fishing/ Fly fishing
August 15th – September 30th Fly fishing only

Dates, packages, available species, activities & conditions

June 30th to August 10th

Atlantic salmon(Descending to sea, Black), Large Brook Trout, landlocked Arctic char, Lake trout

Fishing, Hiking, Fly Ins


August 10th to August 25th

Atlantic salmon(Ascending, Fresh Runs), Trophy Brook Trout & Red, landlocked Arctic char, Lake trout, Black Bear

Fishing, Hiking, Fly Ins


August 25th to September 20th

Caribou, Black Bear, Atlantic salmon(Ascending, Fresh Runs), Trophy Brook Trout(Red), landlocked Arctic char, Lake trout

Fishing, Hiking, Fly Ins

Fly fishing Only after August 15th.

Brook Trout Season closes September 7th.

Bookings - Minimum group of 4 (Exceptions may apply)


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