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Bull Caribou SwimmingBull Caribou & Black Bear on the George River

The area around the Pyramid Hills has always been prime country for big bulls following the females before rutting in September. Huge bulls taken at Pyramid Mountain include a 72 ½ inch double shovel bull caribou rack as well as many racks over 50 inches. Pyramid Camp has always been a main pre-rutting area for bull caribou in mid and late September. The racks are clean of velvet and have taken on a beautiful brown aged look. The bulls are still not in full rut so the meat is still great to take home to eat. It is also a good opportunity to fly fish for salmon once you have your kill.



Suitable calibers for caribou and bear include the 30-06, 7 mm, .270 etc. The .44 magnum is not legal for caribou. Two boxes of ammunition should be sufficient unless you plan to site your rifle in at camp.


Hunting Ptarmigan

Ptarmigan is a partridge-like bird that frequents the valley of the river throughout the winter and summer. The 20 gauge shotgun is ideal for hunting ptarmigan (4 - 8 size shot).

Black Bear

Black bears are quite abundant in the area with bears foraging for berries on the hillsides during the summer. These animals are wild and do not feed on any dumps around the camp. Animals are stalked in sports like manner and hunted as fair chase. Black bears in this region can attain weights of over 450 lbs. (220 kg)

We offer combination Hunting & Fishing packages for the same price as an exclusive hunting trip.

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